Words that mean different things to Southerners

“Bless your heart!” my best friend says, fairly frequently. Her husband smiles and reminds her that he knows what that means… now. In the South, and yes that includes Texas (for this instance), it means idiot or dummy.

In the north it just means, well, thanks or something.

This article in Lifehack spotlights more words that don’t mean the same thing based on which half of the US where you live. The ones that had me laughing was:

In the north it’s a sort of hot pocket. In the south it’s a thing strippers put on their (and I’m not making it up) nipples for “modesty;” the urban dictionary states that it may or may not have tassels. That’s a big difference in definitions.

Other words included: sugar, dressing, and fixing.

So, check it out “y’all.” (Yes, that’s in there too.)

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