Spanish apps for kids

Looking for good recommendations for apps in Spanish or for bilingual children? I’ve pulled together several from blog posts I’ve bookmarked.

20120816-174155.jpgMommy Maestra recommends “Kandoobi Animales: Spanish App for Preschoolers.” The apps is for Spanish-speaking preschoolers and kindergartners. She gives a good review of what she likes and dislikes in the app. Overall, sounds like a good educational app for kids. 

Also check out Mommy Maestra’s 5 Spanish Apps for Kids. All but one are paid apps, and the list includes the above-mentioned Kandoobi Animales, but it’s a good starting point. 

NBC Latino has a great article listing 7 Bilingual iPhone and iPad Apps for Kids. These include: Desert Spanish for Kids, Hello-Hello Spanish for iPad, Free Spanish Tutor, My Bilingual Baby, Toddler Time, El Mejor Ahorcado, and Spanish Kids – Speak and Learn Pro,

Spanglish Baby blog provides a longer list of apps at 9 Handpicked Apps for Bilingual Children, which includes one or two repeats. Of particular note is PicPocketBooks, which is a series of apps. 

Need an app to teach help you teach Spanish to your preschooler? Check out Learn Spanish +, a flash card-type app that includes 450 cards. Another option for learning spanish is Little Pim Spanish, based on the PBS character (Little Pim is an award-winning series).  

Have some to add? Just let me know!

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