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The issue of raising a child to be bilingual (English/Spanish) has been a topic of conversation in my family lately. My five-year-old nephew is starting “real” school in a few weeks and his parents had always intended to enroll him in a dual-language elementary school to make certain that he’s going to be fluent in Spanish. Since that’s been the plan for several years, none of us has gone to the effort of making sure we taught him “enough” Spanish ourselves. That was a mistake.

Plans have changed. My nephew is not going to be enrolled in a dual-language Spanish school, so we’re going to make an effort to give him the essentials. With that in mind, I’ve been paying attention to blogs, posts and articles discussing tips and resources for parents raising bilingual kids.

Gabrielle Ocasio has a great post on Multicultural Familia entitled “Raising Bilingual Niños: A Beginner’s Guide for Non-Fluent Parents.” She gives some good tips on websites, toys, books and cheat sheets to use. She provides links to the resources, which is very helpful. This is a good starting point.

Let me know if you have other resources to check out.

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