Make your students smile

Need ideas to make your students smile? The “WeAreTeachers Blog” gives us "10 Little Ways to Make Your Students Smile" to get your started.

1. Hand out already-sharpened motivational pencils before a big test.

2. Skip the staff room and head to the cafeteria to eat lunch with your kids.

3. Surprise your kids by playing your favorite CD for them when they’re arriving at school.

4. On a nice day, take your class outside for a learning walk.

5. Put a sticker on each kid’s shirt as they head out the door at the end of the day.

6. Show your students pictures of your kids (or your dog!) and ask them to bring their own photos to share.

7. Showcase your best student work in your classroom—and change it up regularly.  Make sure to point out why certain projects or assignments deserved to go on display.

8. Bring a treat for your students—whether it’s your famous chocolate chip cookies or a bag of Dum Dums.

9. Wear your school colors (and if you’re feeling really spirited, carry a foam finger!) on game day.

10. Show your students a funny video clip or read them a funny story—just to make them laugh.

Do you have any tips to add?

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