Links, posts and stories you may have missed — November 1

New 50 Best iPad Apps for Reading and Writing Disabilities, from Stephen’s Lighthouse, gives great examples of ipad apps you might want to check out for your classroom, your kids or jut to recommend to parents.

If you’re not using Google Drive yet, or even if you are, there’s a good guide available at An Updated 63 Page Guide to Google Drive and Docs (via Free Technology for Teachers). Same goes for Storify; here’s a good post on why to use storify and how it’s being used: Storify: Valuable tool lets PR pros be storytellers.

Just in case you’re looking for some books to add to your reading list: 20 Education Technology Books You Should Be Reading | Edudemic.

For those of you wanting to delve into video, but don’t want to commit to the pricetag of buying software, check out 10 Ways to Create Videos Without Installing Software, at Free Technology for Teachers. There are some good suggestions on resources I’m going to test myself. And, don’t miss 9 Fun Tools To Make Your Own Songs And Audio Recordings as another good read.

If you want to start using hashtags in your Twitter posts (or anywhere else), there’s a great list to choose from at 300+ Educational Twitter Hashtags Being Used Right Now, by Edudemic.

If you’re using an iPad in your classroom, you may want to look into screensharing. 5 Recommended iPad Screensharing Apps, at Edudemic gives you some great places to start.

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