Links, posts and stories you may have missed — March 28

iPad bill
This story about the “5-year-old sorry for racking up $2,500 iPad bill in 10 minutes” scared me enough that I sent it to my sisters.Then I called my youngest sister (who has the six-year-old ipad addict) to make sure she’d read it.

Yikes! So easy to do, and not the kid’s fault.

Mobile Apps
Mamiverse has compiled a list of “Phone Apps That Help Keep Your Kids Safe” that are worth looking at and considering. These include the FBI Child ID app, which helps you keep the info you need… in the worst case scenario. 

Do you have an app to recommend?

Test scores
Scores for Hispanic students in Texas continues to lag behing those of their peers. It’s bad news for those of us in this state. Find out more about the report by the National Assessment of Educational Progress at “Latino Student Test Scores Still Lag Behind” on Mamiverse. 

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