Latino education decline in Texas

I have very simple rules about blogging:

  • I don’t talk about politics
  • I don’t talk about religion (mostly)
  • I don’t talk about crime

I do, however, talk about reality. Today’s recommended reading is about the reality that Latinos in Texas are being underserved when it comes to education, “Latino education decline a looming Texas disaster.”

From the article:

Texas public school students are on a continuing decline in all areas tested. Last year, SAT scores dropped 9 points in math, 6 points in reading and 7 points in writing. A perfect SAT sub score is 800, and Texas students averaged 470. Texas scores are consistently below the national average, while the United States has dropped from first to 17th globally in college attainment.

Take those results and put them together with the fact that Latinos who live in poverty are now the fastest growing population segment in Texas. Here’s the eye-opener: the poorer the student is, the lower the likelihood that he or she even thinks of attending college.


… every student in Texas, no matter how poor, deserves options. They must be taught to believe they can and will graduate from high school with grades good enough to succeed in trade school, in community college or in any university in America …

So true. So what’s the solution?

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Source: Latino education decline a looming Texas disaster – San Antonio Express-News

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