Hottest tablet for Xmas: LeapPad

Gizmodo has an interesting article up explaining why the LeapPad is the hottest tablet for the holidays.

You’re forgiven for not being intimately familiar with LeapFrog’s LeapPad Explorer. It only went on sale mid-August, and if you’re over the age of nine you’re not really in its target demo. If you were, you’d laugh and cringe at its specs: a 480×272 display, 400Mhz processor, 2GB onboard storage, runs on AA batteries. If Samsung’s tablets are Galaxies, the LeapPad is a dwarf star.

But to the parents plunking down their MasterCards, this little “learning tablet” aces the only two specs that matter: cost ($100) and durability (extreme). If you give a kid an iPod Touch, they will break it, but only after running up huge iTunes charges on your credit card and stumbling across horrible donkey porn in Safari. If you give a kid a LeapPad, they can drop it all day and (within reason) it won’t break. And because the tablet can only tap into a tightly controlled ecosystem of educational apps and game cartridges, the most scarring thing Bobby Sue will encounter is SpongeBob Squarepants.

Apparently, these items are hard to find right now. So, if you see one, you might want to pick it up. Of cours, if you go and resell it later… up to you. 🙂

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