Eight Tech Trends for Librarians and Teachers

That Harvard Education Letter has a great post highlighting technology trends for school librarians and teachers:

  • Books are going digital and so are librarians. 
  • Librarians are creating their own virtual libraries—web pages with lots of links to student-friendly online resources. 
  • Librarians are creating Online Research Guides.
  • Librarians are pointing students to E-Books.
  • For readers and non-readers alike, librarians are pointing students toward non-traditional outlets to encourage both reading and the pursuit of further learning. 
  • Librarians areusing online note-taking tools.
  • Librarians are raving about “dashboards”—a personal gateway to all of a student’s digitized academics, including their digital bookmarks for useful articles and applications. 
  • Technology is changing how we give oral reports.

For the full article, with examples, check out their post.

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