Are you using MimioVote yet?

I’m always interested in technology advances that might actually help in a classroom:

The MimioVote provides instant results on students’ progress, working like a cross between a Scantron and a gradebook. Teachers give a quiz, either orally or on paper, and students use Gameboy-like voting boxes to plug in their answers. The answers are then dispatched directly to the teacher, cutting back on the time he has to spend scoring tests and entering grades.

How effective can this actually be?

Obviously, MimioVote measures a fairly narrow type of knowledge: that which can be reduced to yes or no and multiple-choice answers. It will not, for instance, assess whether students can write a five-paragraph essay or conjugate “etre” in the future perfect. But the fact remains that a huge chunk of today’s education rests on standardized testing, and MimioVote simply streamlines the examination process, ostensibly freeing teachers to spend more time on the nuanced coursework.

What’s the cost?

And while the product isn’t cheap — $1,699 buys you 24 units and $1,899 buys you 32 units — it stands to reason that the hours saved on logging grades and planning lessons is nothing short of priceless.


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